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Grand Theft Zombie a solo project headed by Travis Burns aka DJ Zombie of Denver, Seattle and other places around the world.. GTZ was created in Denver in 2010, and has influenced people all over the globe in an extreme manner of consequences.. while shunned by a large amount of dj's, musicians, artists and people around the world.. dj zombie has kept moving forward with his project.. and continues to produce noise electronic and experimental music. GTZ itself as a project is the harnessed power of all chaotic sounds of the world.. the combination of all that is extreme not as music but as noise to the boundaries of what is and what is not music.. GTZ overall in not intended to be viewed as standard music..

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Grand Theft Zombie
Seattle, Washington
GRAND THEFT ZOMBIE is a solo 8bit electronic distortion project headed by Travis M. Burns. Utilizing a modded gameboy cartridge, keyboards, kaos pad, computer programs such as ableton, renoise, garageband, audacity, logic, mainstage & anything else he can get his hands on to make noise music. An electronic project designed as a audio free for all, an expression of life thru the design of darkness.

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